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Q. What is the Scranton Stamp Club all about?

A. We are people who get together twice a month to pursue the hobby of stamp collecting. At the first meeting of the month we briefly cover the business portion then on to a presentation relating to stamps. At the second meeting we have an Auction at the conclusion of business. The auction is material brought to the meeting by fellow collectors. Any stamp related material can be brought in for auction. It's a good way to get rid of some of your excess items, free up some space, and make a "little" extra money on the side. Note: emphasis is on little as these auction are just a friendly way of sharing in the hobby.

Q. What is Philately, what does it mean?

A. The word Philately is pronounce ( FI-LAT-E-LI ) and comes from the Greek meaning; exemption from payment, exempt from tax, tax free. More specifically, Postage Stamp Collecting.

Q. How much does it cost to join?

A. Our dues are $10.00 per year payable in January each year on a calendar year basis. There is no initiation fee or other assessments of any kind. You receive a dues card and a monthly Newsletter Stuck on Stamps that reviews the past month's happenings and future events.

Q. Are there both men and women members in the stamp club?

A. Membership in the Scranton Stamp Club is an Equal Opportunity Organization, open to anyone eighteen years of age or older. Junior memberships are also available for those under the age of eighteen, on an individual basis, who wish to join.

Q. Who runs the stamp club?

A. The stamp club is run informally under the control of the president with Roberts Rules of order prevailing in the event of controversy as stated in the By-laws.

Q. Besides having meetings twice a month, what else does the stamp club do?

A. The Northeast Pennsylvania Philatelic Society, (Scranton Stamp Club) keeps track of all local stamp shows and other related events. We also have several social events throughout the year.

Q. Are you affiliated with any other clubs or organizations?

A. We have many members who belong to various other stamp collecting activities such as the American Philatelic Society (APS), Precancel Stamp Society (PSS), and the American Topical Association (ATA), etc.

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