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The Scranton Stamp Club meets the 1st. and 3rd Wednesday of each month from September through June. During July and August meetings are only held on the first Wednesday of the month. Although the meetings start at 8 PM, most members get there about 7:30 PM to browse the items that are for Sale or Auction.

Our meetings are held in the Covenant Presbyterian Church, 550 Madison Avenue (corner of Madison & Olive), Scranton, PA. When you enter the building, just tell the attendant you are with the stamp club and he will direct you to the meeting room where we hold our meetings.

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The first meeting of the month consists of a short business meeting followed by a stamp related presentation. The presentation is usually put on by one of the members. The subjects range from talks about their own collections, special areas they may be pursuing, general collecting interest, or any subject that may be of interest to a collector.

On several occasions, a presentation will be given on material furnished by the American Philatelic Society (APS) and include forgeries, tagging, paper types, and things of that nature, etc. No matter what the subject it, one thing is for sure. The few minutes spent on the presentation is always interesting, informative, and stamp related.

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At the second meeting of the month you can expect another hour of interesting stamp collecting events. As usual, there is a short business meeting. That out of the way, everyone gears up for the auction.

The auction is an activity that allows the members to buy, sell, acquire, or otherwise just have fun with an auction. The auctions are conducted in a friendly and casual manner. Most of the items auctioned are not expensive. The material for the auction is sometimes single stamps, sets, first day covers, post & postal cards, catalogs, posters, labels, stock books (some with stamps and some empty), whole collections, albums with or without stamps, or any other item a member may wish to try an make some money on as long as it's stamp collecting related.

Keep in mind these auctions are low key, meaning they represent those items a collector no longer wish to be associated with and is usually just lying around getting in the way. No matter what the item may be, whether expensive or cheap (most are), it is a good way to have some fun and maybe help another collector get new material at a price he or she can afford and at the same time get rid of excess material and make a little money. Emphasis on little. The best part is every one has fun!

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